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  • Nizing Development History


    1983 - Established Nizing High-temperature Wire Co., Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan, which is today's growing Dongguan Nizing Electric Wire Co., Ltd.

    1996 - In response to market changes and the needs of our customers, we shifted our production focus from Taiwan to Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China.

    1999 - With the rapid development of the company, a second branch of the same scale was established in Dongguan.

    2001 - Establishing Shanghai Branch in East China to improve customer service in East China

    2002 - Purchased additional land for expansion and production base (now weaving workshop) next to the original company. The new production base is twice that of the original company.

    2004—Dongguan Nizing Electric Wire Co., Ltd.  established several branch companies in Zhanjiang and Zhongshan respectively.

    2005 - New office building, additional warehouse, Teflon workshop

    2006 - New office building officially opened

    2006—Dongguan Nizing Electric Wire Co., Ltd. acquired a wire factory in the same industry and established the third branch in Dongguan.

    2007 - The company successfully developed platinum water self-made and applied for a patent.

    2007 - successful research and development of resin homemade

    2008 - The company successfully developed its own resin and applied for a patent.

    2008 - Expansion of the wiring workshop and the creation of the Silicone Water Pipe Division

    2008 - Create Nizing Electronics Co., Ltd. in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province

    2009 - Create Nizing  Electronic Distribution Co., Ltd. in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province

    2010 - Establishing Nizingschool to create a corporate school. All employee teams learn and perform PK.

    2010 - Plan to build Liquid silicone production base.

    2010--Creating Dongguan ZhongGui New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

    2011--Expanded an 800-square-meter Nizing school and set up Nizing nursery school. At the same time, it successfully held six instructive in-house training courses.

    2011 - Entered high-tech industry through the recognition of national high-tech enterprises

    2012--Creating Yongbang Fluorine Plastic Co., Ltd.

    2013 - In order to reserve talents, the company has established training courses for amateur cadres, and at the same time, it has promoted reserve management positions in some departments, and has qualified young talents to enter leadership positions.

    2014 - Through the review and acceptance of national high-tech companies.

    2016 - Newly increased 100 high-speed knitting machines.

    2017 - Passed ISO900:2015 certification.

    2017 - The company created a public welfare free vegetarian restaurant Yuhuazhai. Actual action supports respect for life, thanks to vegetarianism.

    2018 - Put forward the strategic goal of improving the efficiency of “equipment improvement, process innovation, and product development”.

    2018 - planning to build an integrated dust-free workshop, business building and staff dormitory, the planning period is two years.


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